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What we do...

  • Web Design

    Want a website that’s fast, functional and gets you leads? That’s our specialty.

  • SEO

    Have a website you LOVE but nobody goes to it? Or maybe your Google ads just aren’t getting you anywhere? Sounds like you need a Google tune-up.

  • Video Production

    Need a promo video or just a few ads? We can help with all kinds of video content.

  • Copywriting, Content writing and more…

    Suck at writing? Get someone who can build trust with customers and then sell them your product, wherever words are used.

Why we do it...

Our mission

Removing barriers is what we do best! We have a passion for helping small business owners achieve their goals. Whether they want a refresh, are starting from scratch, or have tried everything and are desperate for new leads, we get them to where they want to go.

Because no one follows their passion to learn marketing and web design (unless those are your passions of course) we help small business owners spend less time getting clients in the door and more time serving them.

Who we are

OnBeat Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Southern Washington. We work with small business owners throughout the country to increase their digital presence and bring in more leads. We make every effort possible to understand our client’s vision and aspirations before embarking on a journey with them.

Kyle and Christina Campbell are Ballroom Dancers turned marketing masters. As multi-passionates, their love of the arts doesn’t stop at dancing. With backgrounds in music, cinema, broadcasting, and more, their marketing skills make them a perfect match for businesses in the arts.

Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell

Christina Campbell

Christina Campbell

How we can help...

Web Designer working at a computer with a web design graph at the top right

Web Design

Too often with web design, you’re left choosing between a beautiful site and quality leads. What if you didn’t have to choose?

ALL of our websites:

  • Are 100% responsive
  • Are easy to use and super fast
  • Generate consistent quality leads

Whether your clients are cruising the desktop or scrolling at Starbucks, your business is easily at their fingertips. Ready to get OnBeat? Let us take the lead.

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Magnifying flass over the word SEO spelled out in dice with an SEO graph


It doesn’t matter how beautiful your site is, if no one’s able to find it. No traffic means no leads. SEO works behind the scenes to get your ideal customers to come to YOU.

We specialize in:

  • High quality markup to ensure Rich Results
  • Acquiring backlinks to increase Domain Authority
  • Creating content that converts

A good SEO strategy will take your company from the abyss of unvisited websites to the first page of Google. Ready to get OnBeat? Let us take the lead.

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Videocamera and gimbal with lense flare and a video graph

Video Production

Need a promo video, but don’t want it looking like an infomercial from the 90’s? Professional quality video is the difference between a bangin’ first impression and instant rejection.

We specialize in:

  • Welcome videos that help your customers get to know your story.
  • Testimonial videos from some of your best clients.
  • On-trend promo videos featuring your products or services.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. As the most highly viewed content on the web, skillfully crafted video draws you in and powerfully narrates your story. Ready to get OnBeat? Let us take the lead.

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Old style typewriter with copywriting graph


Copy is just a fancy word for all things written. Words don’t just communicate but are crucial to building trust. When a post is cumbersome and filled with grammar faux pas, the message is easily brushed aside. Fortunately, a lack of wordsmithing skills doesn’t have to crimp your style.

We specialize in:

  • Copywriting for websites.
  • Blogs, articles, and promotional material
  • Email marketing

When it comes to clearly communicating your story, words are EVERYTHING. Speak to the heart of your customers, giving them no choice but to convert. Ready to get OnBeat? Let us take the lead.

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What our clients are saying...

  • Wow, what a lifesaver this company has been for me & my business! While their knowledge and expertise blows my mind, it’s their compassion and kindness that takes them a step above the rest. Thank you, OnBeat, for all that you do for us!!

  • They took the time to get to know us, our business, and our vision, before putting us at the top of every relevant search. In the past we’ve only gotten one or the other, but It’s amazing to work with people who really care and also get results.

  • Excellent, attentive service & expertise! It’s always hard to measure the effectiveness of marketing but in OnBeat Marketing’s case it’s pretty clear: they did not rest until we had a measurable increase in reach & inquiries. Few companies provide the amount of care, service and constant improvement that we have experienced with them. We’re excited to work with them for many more years to come!

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